Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend 2008

I am so blessed to have two of the most adorable kids in the whole world! Of course, I think that every mom with a heart full of love says that about her kids. This week I have just been spending time at home with Katie and Josiah, enjoying Spring Break. Sleeping in...watching cartoons...scrapbooking...reading...taking walks with the kids. It might not seem very productive, but to me it has been priceless. Usually we are all so busy with the day to day activities that make up our weeks...I am loving the simpleness of just being at home.

Easter weekend was very mellow. On Saturday I colored easter eggs with the much fun! Of course since the weather was so great it was all I could do to keep the kids inside to finish...Josiah colored one and then he was done. We all can't wait until summer is here. Then on Sunday we all went to church, which was nice. They had a special thing for the kids with special guest "Anna Montana" aka Hanna Montana's cousin. hehe. The kids absolutely loved it. Afterwards we all had lunch there, and the kids were fortunate enough to finish their easter egg hunt before the rain came. Well, it was more like an Easter egg dash! When we got home we gave the kids their easter baskets (2 each due to an oversight on my part, to their benefit). What a great weekend. :)

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  1. Anna Montana? Sweeeetttt. Who'd have thought, ey? Great looking family. Hope your summer will be a good one.