Monday, February 16, 2009

Love Day

One of my favorite things about any holiday is the opportunity that comes to show those around you what they mean to you. And of course Valentine's Day is the ultimate holiday to show love. I'm not sure why, but this week I simply felt overflowing with love and could have been that Valentine's Day was coming, it could have been hormones. :) But whatever it was, it was great. At the the beginning of the week I sent love notes to all those special to me but far away. I would have posted a picture of one here but ended up mailing them all. Hopefully they brought happiness throughout the week.

Thursday evening I stayed up much later than I should have putting together treat bags for Katie and Josiah's school parties. This was one of those things that just kept getting put off until the last minute. Usually for school parties we do treat bags and I recruit the kids to help me in an assembly line fashion. They always enjoy this activity, but this year I had to put them together myself since the time did not just fall into my lap. Darn.

I also try to do something special for their teachers during the holidays as well, even the little ones (not the little teachers...the little holidays! lol). This year, as well as last, we have been really blessed with just great teachers. Last year it was Mrs. Fazio for Katie (love her!) and this year it's Mrs. Johnson for Katie, and Mrs. Lomica for Josiah. They are wonderful, and I love that my kids enjoy their time in class each day. So one way I try to show our appreciation is doing a little something special during these times. Below are some photos of Love Day treats:

Friday was a lot of fun. I surprised the kids as they woke with a special treat for each of them. The sweet look on my daughter's face was so worth it. It was obvious she was very surprised and just felt so special. It was great! That afternoon I went to the school to join Josiah's Valentine's Day party. It consisted of eating pizza, playing musical chairs, opening treats from their friends, and listening to Mrs. Lomica read a few books about love. It was a lot of fun. Here are a few photos from the day at school:

Later that day after school Katie sat down and used one of the empty candy boxes from her gift to enclose a poem she'd written for me. It went like this: "roses are red. vilits are blue. I love you so much, doan't you think so to my speshle purson in blue. Whith love and care I will go eneaware on a speshle day with you. xxxx oooo. my true frend in blue." Below the poem she'd drawn a picture of a rose and a violet beneath a smiling happy sun. Hands down that was the most precious Valentine's gift I've received, maybe ever! It brought tears to my eyes. Josiah also had to share in the giving, choosing his most special piece of candy from his gift and giving it to me. I truly have two of the sweetest kids. I am so blessed.

Saturday Matt and I went skiing with our friends Sara and Landy at Willamette Pass Ski Resort. It'd been years since any of us had gone skiing, and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Of course, I was the slowest skier in the group, but the rest were all patient and we just took our time taking in the day. It was great fun. For lunch we ate this delicious pizza in the lodge that could quite possible be the best pizza I've ever eaten! It was half pesto chicken and half pepperoni & tomato. So good, and even better with a large pitcher of Hefeweizen. Yum yum. After lunch we went a few more times down the slopes, then headed home. Hopefully we will be able to go again before the season ends. Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:

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  1. Sounds like you had alot of fun! That poem Katie wrote is soo sweet! You do have great kiddos :D