Monday, July 4, 2011

Project Life | Weeks Nine and Ten


Still playing a little catch up with this project.  With the business of these past several weeks I've noticed that some weeks I have more photos and ephemera, and some I have less.  For weeks Nine and Ten I had a single page for each week.  Here's a look at Week Nine:

This week I included shots from each of the kids' sleepovers.  I also included a shot of Katie with a splint (thankful it was not a cast!), the card and a screen shot of a post I put on Facebook from the flowers Matt sent to me at work, and also a few pictures of the finished scrapbook for Camp Millennium.  For my journaling this week I just used Microsoft Word and customized a text box.  Here's a close up of that:


Above is a shot of Week Ten.   Managed to get just  few photos from these past couple weeks.  As usual I tend to get bunches of Maggie, and random shots of everyone else, but I try to remember to bring my camera along when I can.  The photo on the lower left is from a fun project I did for a baby shower gift for a friends at church.  Maggie and I went to her shower on Saturday while Matt and the kids were at Splash.  I also included a tag from a summer dress I bought for Maggie from one of our trips to Fred Meyers.  Below is a close up of this week:

For my journaling for this week, just like last, I used Microsoft Word. Here's a close up of my journaling for Week Ten:

And here's a look at both weeks together:

Moving on...this summer really seems to be flying by!  Hard to believe we are already into July.

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