Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project Life | Week Fourteen

Still loving this project, still working on it although I'm a bit behind on getting my journaling and photos into this album.  But that's okay.  I've kind of been going with the flow on this, sometimes I have bits and pieces of time to work on this project, finish a weeks layout, and maybe post it on my blog here.  Other times it seems I'm lucky if I can just stick to taking photos and setting aside pieces of stuff I might want to save. I'm thinking that as I head in to fall I'm going to cut back and posting my project here on my blog, maybe a highlight here and there but definitely not every week like I have been.  Even though I'm behind on this project right now, I am still aware of how of how it motivates me to take photos and capture moments in our life, the special occasions as well as the everyday. 


Above is a look at the left side of this weeks layout.  One of the things I noticed about this week was that I had less photos than I'd like.  I do have some ones in here that I love though.  Like this one of Maggie:

Love that mom was able to capture this shot of her.  She'd been playing and fell asleep after she climbed up into her car seat.  To the photo above I added some of AE's You Are Awesome Brushes and Stamps using photoshop.

Here's a close up of the left side:

And a look at the right side:

We went to a small get together at a friends house with some other people we know from church.  The photo of the corn cakes was from that Sunday evening.  They were delicious and I need to remember to make those again. 

Another photo I love from this week of my daughter Katherine:

With this one I added one of AE's borders from her Awakening 4x6 Overlay Collection.  Love the pink with the back and white, and the lazy Saturday morning that it captures.

Below is a close of my journaling.  Still making my own journaling cards with her digital product and am loving how each one is different.

And here's a last look at both sides:

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  1. love the photo of your baby in her car seat. so precious!