Sunday, April 13, 2008

Winchester Bay

The weather this weekend was actually in the high 70's, so Matt and I made the best of it and took the kids to the beach. I haven't seen such a beautiful day on the Oregon Coast for quit some time, and these pictures don't quite do it justice. We read on the beach while the kids chased the waves and played in the sand. Such a fun, relaxing afternoon.
I took this picture of Matt and the kids shortly before dusk as we were getting ready to leave.

Remember playing at the beach as a kid...there's nothing like sand between your toes and icy cold water splashing at your ankles...:)

Katie searching for seashells on the beach.

Pure joy!

Katie reminded so much of my older sister at this age while we were living on Guam when I was a child. My mom has told me I learned to walk while we were on the island.

Josiah filling his truck with sand before he rolled it over and announced "Lunch is served!"

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