Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Year in Review

2008 was both a memorable and historic year in many ways.

Here are a few links that I thought summed up the year well:

MSNBC 2008 Year in Review

The Year in News Pictures

I also chose the photos that I thought best captured the year in the life of my family as well. While many view a new year as a chance for a new beginning, I believe it's important to remember that every day brings a new chance to start over. Looking back at 2008 and looking forward to is my year in review:


The beginning of the year brought snowy weather!

Here are Katie and Josiah playing in our backyard.

Katie and her snowgirl, with rainbow buttons, of course!

Josiah, so proud of his 'snowman'.


And so it starts...

Katie on the playground of her school.

'Siah getting ready to ride to the playground with us.

Katie and Matt at the Father Daughter Dance
(photo courtesy of Studio Gagliano Photography)


Josiah and I on Easter Sunday.

Coloring Easter! :)

After Easter Sunday service the kids got to open thier Easter baskets.


Josiah on the beach in Winchester Bay, OR.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Caught by a wave...


Facepainting at an Eastwood family event.

My flower girl...

Katie and Josiah after Eastwood Family Night.

Me and the kids goofing around on our front steps.


Birthday Boy

This was the first year that Katie was able to read her cards all by herself.


Me, of course. :)

Girls trip to Las Vegas, NV

Independence Day

Katie holding a sparkler, looking just like I did at that age!

My happy little guy!

Family love...


Me and my friend Carrie at my 10 Year High School Reunion Family Picnic.

Josiah and I at the picnic.

Cell phone shot...


Katie waited so long to do this: Lock of Love!

First day of 3rd Grade.

A Kindergartner at last!

Sedona, AZ

Thursday the 25th, OSU 27 ~ USC 21


High School Musical fun!

Saturday the 11th, UofO 31 ~ UCLA 21

Brosi Sugar Tree Farms

I am so tired in this picture...

Halloween: Transformer and Cheerleader :)


This was Katie's first year in ballet.

Our kitten Jackson Whiskers napping...

Katie and I at Eastwood Bingo Night, bunny ears courtesy of her friend Emmie :)

Darker, shorter hair for fall...

Me at home...


Katie on Christmas morning.

Josiah presenting Matt and I our gift...I loved it!

Josiah with Jackson.

Making a holiday treat, Katie could practically do this all by herself!

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