Monday, July 26, 2010

On Turning Thirty...

Kind of hard to believe that I'm going to be thirty in about a week. It's amazing to me how quickly life passes by. Here's something I put together with a few thoughts on this transition and a current photo of me.

Journaling:  The countdown is on to the day I turn thirty years old.  Hmmm...I suppose I am "officially" a full-fledged adult now?  That's funny, because I still feel very young at heart, and young at life!  All proof to me that life really does pass by too quickly.  So let's take an assessment of where I "am" in life.  Twenty-nine.  Mother of two, with one on the way.  College grad.  Weathering life's storms.  Discovering what it means to learn and grow from my downfalls as well as my achievements.  Falling in love with my first love all over again and thanking God every day for the chance to start over!  Reaffirming who I am.  Anticipating the next step in this journey called life.  Some people dread their thirties.  I think mine are going to rock!

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