Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Around Here Lately

Around here lately we have been enjoying our spring break at home together.  Settling into the routine of life with a new little one in the house.  Baby toys everywhere!  Small square footage, lots of love to fill up our little home.  Love this photo above of 'Siah peeking behind Maggie while she plays. 

And my Maggie, bright eyes and happy grin.  She's got my nose...all my kids do.

We've just recently been foraying into solid foods at meal time.  And she's finally learning to eat more than she wears on her bib.  She loves it.

My girl, pretty in polka dots...

Katie, while working on her homework today after school.  I love her sweet smile and spirit.

Brother and sister...

And of course a silly shot.  This is Katie's crazy face, and I think 'Siah is being a zombie?

One another one of my Maggie.  Her hair is definitely more reddish every day. 

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