Monday, January 26, 2009

The Light Comes On!

Have you ever found yourself in a certain place only to stop and think, "How did I get here?" This happened to me tonight. I realized I wanted to share something but then thought, "But how did I happen upon that?" I need to start paying more attention. Anyways, lately I have been really drawn to reading Proverbs. I know this stems from making some pretty good and quite avoidable mistakes that I really don't want to repeat. I read Proverbs and the light comes on. Tonight when I was online I found an article that I thought would be great to pass on. On the website The Biz of Knowledge I happened upon a post written by Bill Belew titled 6 Reasons to Study Proverbs. Although the title indicates 6 reasons, there are actually 7 included on the list, which I found to be a little quirky.

Here they are:

1. They help one to grasp wisdom and discipline.

2. They provide understanding of deep thoughts.

3. They lead to wise behavior-- doing what is right, being fair,
determining the correct outcomes of disputes.

4. They give insight into otherwise gullible people.

5. They give forsight and knowledge to the young.

6. They give direction to the understanding.

7. They help solve riddles.

I have no desire to repeat my mistakes over and over and over again. I think this will help me learn how not to. Good words.

You can reference the actual article here:

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