Friday, September 10, 2010

Picture Day

I don't have a very good memory, especially of my school years as a child, but one of the things that helps is looking back at some of my old school photos.  Picture day for me was always so exciting!  Making sure I looked just right, with my outfit and hair just as I thought it should be...I would even practice smiling to see which 'look' I liked best. : ) Silly, I know (did every little girl do this?).  Now that I'm a mom picture day for me is just as exciting.  I love doing what I can and helping to make sure my kiddos have good memories of those childhood experiences.  I may or may not decide to order the school photos depending on how they turn out (leaning more towards may though, since I can't help but think my kids are the cutest things since sliced bread!), so this morning we took a few photos to capture the moment for each child.  Hopefully when they grow older they'll be able to look back at these photos and remember this part of their school experience fondly. I know I will!

Josiah ~ 2nd Grade

Kaleb ~ 3rd Grade

Katie ~ 5th Grade

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