Monday, May 9, 2011

Project Life | Week Three

I'm not sure if it was like this for everyone but for me this week seemed to fly by.  It was my first week back after a long stretch of being a SAHM, so maybe that's why.  Definitely makes me appreciate even more the moments I have with my family at home.  I'm finding more that my time to put this project together is getting scrunched into the weekend.  Here's a look at the left side of this week:

Love that photo of Katie I got while at the Eastwood Carnival on Friday.  And those purple lilacs filled my house with the sweetest smell for days.  I love things like that.  Inside this week I added an insert of the current program guide from our local Boy & Girls Club.

Inside (and on the cover) was a feature photo of my nephew Kaleb.  This little guy spent a lot of time with us over the past year, so seeing this was really neat.

And on the back of that I included some proofs of the kids school photos that came home recently in their backpacks.  I don't usually order from the school photographer, but thought these were something I'd want to hold onto. 

Here's a look at the right side:

On Thursday Matt and I got away for a date night at the Art & Wine Walk downtown.  Before we headed out I had mom take a quick photo of us, then tucked in into one of the smaller pockets later on.  Yes, I am a good foot shorter than Matt.  The photo in the top right corner is one we took from downtown that night.  Love the changing colors right now.  I also added a bit of math homework Josiah had brought home, and a few things to remember the school carnival that we took the kids to Friday night.   

The journaling I included this week uses Cathy Zielske's Layered Journal Cards No. 01 available at Designer Digitals.  I love that I can completely customize the digital product I'm using for this project.  So cool.  Here's a last look at each side.  Left:

And right:

One thing I'm noticing about this project: it's reminding me once again to appreciate the
little things about everyday life, and the special day to day moments in our family. ♥ Sheri

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