Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project Life | Weeks Four & Five


Things have been so busy around here lately, I debated whether or not I want to try and keep posting this project here on my blog.  I love capturing these memories and moments, but am not so sure I will keep up on posting it here.  But, since I started I want to try, just probably not as often and more brief.  So here's a look at the left side of week four:

The picture on the lower left was taken using the Instagram app on my iPhone.  Definitely a fun thing to play around with.  Katie spent the week at Camp Hancock and the b&w photo is of her the morning she left.  She was so excited.  We missed her while she was away.  I love this photo:

I added the words in Photoshop using Ali Edwards' This One Brushes and Stamps.  So cool, and I love that little face! Here's a look at the right side:

I've been using different product from Designer Digitals to make my own journaling cards. The card in the middle right uses Ali Ewards' The Story Word Art + Hand Drawn Brushes.  I also used Cathy Zielske's Journal Card Brushes and Stamps for my journaling block.  Here"s a closer look:

And here's a look at both pages together:


Here's a look at the left side:

The b&w photo of Josiah is from Friday evening when the kids and I were hanging out.  I was trying to take some photos of the kids and most of them ended up like this, with a close up of his big smile.  He was being so fun and silly.  I love his personality.  Katie pretty much spent the entire week hanging around on the couch.  She came home from Camp Hancock not well and fought that cold for a week and a half.  We are so glad she's better. 

I added the copy of Josiah's Spring Writing Assessment that come home with him this week. 

And on the back side of that I slipped in another writing sample from his backpack.  I love reading what he writes, most of the time his sentences are so funny. : )  Here's a look at the right side:

Saturday I went to Eugene and spent the evening with my closest girlfriend before heading back home.  Dinner at BJ's was wonderful, cannot wait to take Matt there. 

Here's a closer look at my journaling for this week, using Cathy Zielske's Layered Journal Cards No. 01:

And here's a look at both pages of this weeks spread:

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