Monday, April 4, 2011

More March Family Snapshots

Love getting the chance to grab some photos of my kids.  No fancy setup, just pictures around the house of us in our daily routines.  Then just a few minutes of editing and I end up with family photos I love.

Matt took this one of Maggie and I the other afternoon.  I love how it captures her happy smile.  I can't get enough of that chubby face!  So cute, drool and all.

Here's a close up of her in my lap.  My pretty girl. : )

And one of her playing in her jumper.  I love the different expressions she gets on her face when she's playing with her toys and discovering new sounds/sights/textures.  And right now she's at the stage where if it can reach, anything that can get into her hands will go into her mouth.  This week her bottom two teeth finally poked through!  Hopefully we will get a break from the teething for awhile. 

Love this shot of Katherine while she was working on her homework at the kitchen table.  She has the sweetest smile!

And one with 'Siah leaning in behind Katie.  They are so much fun to watch together, especially with the baby in the family now. 

And one last shot of Maggie that I got the other Sunday while we were at a birthday party for one of Josiah's friends.  Here she is looking into her reflection from one of the balloons at the party.  Love those chubby cheeks! 

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