Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Project Life | Beginning

And so it begins!  After months of hoping I had started Project Life at the beginning of the year, I am giving in and getting going.  For those of you who are wondering what Project Life is, you can learn more about it at Becky Higgin's blog here.  I also love getting inspirations from Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske

One of the things I am loving so far about this project is how it really does revolutionize scrapbooking.  Not as basic as a plain photo album but not as complicated as a scrapbook page...just a happy marriage of the two. : )  Will I continue to traditionally scrapbook?  Of course!  However, these days I'm finding it challenging to find the time to pull those together like I'd like to.  So with the Project Life approach I'll be able to capture the moments I want to throughout the week without the pressure of creating a 'finished' scrapbook page.  Not a photo a day, just different moments/memories throughout the week.

So without further ado, here's a look at my Title page for this year's album:

And a closer look:

Love this quote used here from Ali Edwards Remember Word Art.  You can find that and lots of other great products to use with a project like this over at Designer Digitals.


I decided that while I want to create my own Project Life album, I wasn't crazy about the original kit (one of the reasons I hadn't started yet).  There were elements that I loved about it, and things I really didn't, so I decided to use what I do love and go from there.  The page protectors are nicely divided, so I'm using those, and the journaling cards are very basic and I can customize those if I like.  You can order both of those separately through the Products section of Becky Higgin's website here.  Here's a look at the left hand side of Week One:

I love the photo of my yellow tulips.  And I love that I am a little less practical than I used to be in that I now welcome the idea of fresh flowers and the feeling they add to my home.  I don't mind the cost now or the fact that they don't last forever.  They are pretty for the moment and I like that.

I journaled a little bit about Josiah's visit to the doctor and the good news that he won't need a cast, just a splint.  Later that day the kids and I met Matt at the park and let the kids play while it was sunny.  Here's a closer look at page one:

And here's the right side:

All of the photos are from Easter Sunday.  After church we headed to Matt's parent's house for dinner together with the family and an Easter egg hunt.  Inside the smaller pockets I included a few of the kid's favs about the Easter holiday, a piece of the packaging from one of their after school snacks, and one of the tickets from our date night on Saturday.  The smaller photo is one I blogged about earlier that I'd sent out to friends with a small holiday card.  I love that photo of my happy chubby faced girl.  So cute!  Here's a close up of page two:

The journaling on the lower right was created using Cathy Zielske's Layered Journal Cards available at Designer Digitals.  I like the idea of typing my journaling when I want to tell more that what I can fit in just handwriting.  Here's a final look at both pages of Week 1:

Hopefully now that I've gotten started I'll settle into a good routine with this project.  Very excited about how simple this will make documenting those moments I want to remember.  I may or may not post this project as I go along depending on how much time I have (I start working full time next week), but I did want to show the beginning.

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