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December Daily 2010 | Days Sixteen and Seventeen

DAY SIXTEEN (pictured above)

Today I thought I'd include a few things that have come from some of our shopping trips this holiday season.  I just matted them onto the page using my Hermafix and played around with some of the Making Memories Noel Advent Calendar Rub Ons and a bit of paper from the same collection.  I included some journaling on the inside of the card: 

JOURNALING:  A few things that have come home from our shopping trips this holiday season.  A few holiday outfits for Maggie, something special for Katie from Maurice's, and some personalized gifts for Tim & Shirley.  Thankfully we did most of our shopping early and were able to avoid a last minute rush!

Here's a look at the back of Day Sixteen.  I wrote about the holiday teacher treats we made this week for the kids' teachers.  It's always fun to bless them.

JOURNALINGOne of the things we enjoy doing each year is making a special gift for our teachers during the holidays to show them just how much we appreciate them.   This year I filled their goodie bags with Hershey’s chocolates, candy canes, Ghirardelli holiday chocolates (yum!) and little treat from Bath & Body Works.  I can definitely say one of my favorite things about the holidays is getting the chance to bless others with something I know they’ll love!

I also had fun making a few handmade gift tags for the goodie bags.  The store bought ones I had just weren't cutting it.  Besides, I got to make something! : )  Here's a closer look:


Today is a little different, and doesn't include any photos (although I did get some great shots, I'll use them later).  Instead I wrote a special note to each of my children and tucked it into the pockets.  I saw this idea on Ali's blog and loved it.  I knew I wanted to do this at some point so all I had to do today was take time to think and write, since the foundation pockets and everything were done beforehand.  Here's a peek at the front:

Here's a closer peek at the flower on the front.  It's a Jolee's Boutique Red Glittered Newspaper Flower.  Really pretty and total eye candy for me.  I love the glitter and the felt:

And a few look at the inside pages with the notes tucked in.  I do not have a typewriter!  I like the look so instead I typed them on my computer using the Prestige Elite Std font.  I think even if I had a typewriter I don't know when I'd use it, since I do pretty much all of my crafting/writing/blogging/everything else when the baby is sleeping. 

Also, there are four notes.  Three are for my three children, and the fourth is for my nephew.  We are fostering him this year, and he really has become like a son to me, so I thought it seemed right to write something to him as well.  So here's a peek at the cards:

My sweet Katie Grace,

I think every year at Christmas is special for me, but this year is particularly memorable. You are ten this year, and have grown into such a beautiful young lady. Right now you are right in that not a little girl but not quite a young adult stage. I am so proud of the young lady you’ve become. You have a lot of great qualities: you’re genuinely nice, and always want to make mommy and daddy happy. You are sweet natured, and sometimes wear your heart on your sleeve. I love the way that you have stepped into your role of a big sister to first your brother, and now your new baby sissy as well. I think it has really helped me see some of the ways you’ve matured and grown, not just physically but especially personality wise. I am so proud to call you my daughter and look forward to these next few years as you step into young adulthood. I hope you know how much your father and I love you and how proud we are of who you are right now. All my love, Mommy

Josiah Benjamin,

My sweet boy, let me start off my saying how much we love you and how we absolutely could not ask for a more incredible boy to call our son. This year you are seven years old, and quite the young boy. Every day I am just in love with who you are becoming, and I really do overflow with pride because you are so great. One of the things I love about you is how gentle you are. Not weak, but gentle. You are definitely a peacemaker, and often times will give up something you want to make your sister happy, just so that no one gets their feelings hurt. I think that is very sweet. In this last year your personality has really started to blossom. You are becoming less shy and are finding your sense of humor, which I love. I love how you do your homework first thing after school without being told, and that you are one of the most well behaved kids in your class. So far your school work comes naturally for you…I think you get that from your dad. You love to read and play video games (which you also get from your dad), and very much care about having our approval.  This year your baby sister arrived and I have so loved watching you with her.  You are a pro at giving her her binky, and are starting to learn her cues as to when she might be hungry or need her diaper changed.  Being a big brother has really shown me what a big boy you are, and how you’ve grown up in the last few years too.  Sometimes I try to pick you up, you are so heavy, it’s like someone filled you with rocks!  I am so enjoying watching your personality develop and seeing you discover your likes and dislikes, and just what you’re into.  I could not ask for a more wonderful son, and just feel very thankful that you are in my life.  I love you so so much, and hope you know how incredibly special you are to both me and your daddy.  All my love, Mommy

Dear Maggie, my precious baby girl,
This year is your very first Christmas with us, and let me just say what a gift you are! You have changed my life in so many ways, and I am so grateful to God for bringing you into my life. Your birthday was October 14th, so this Christmas you will be about ten weeks old. Already you are such a cute baby girl, and it’s fun to see how even at this brand new stage you are starting to show your personality. For the most part you are a happy baby. You definitely love to be held, and sometimes I call you my little diva. You have changed the dynamic of my life in so many ways, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You are here and have completely captured my heart. I can’t wait to share in this next year with you, and be able to marvel at all of your firsts! You are probably my last baby, so I will for sure be cherishing my moments with you, because I know all too well how quickly time can seem to fly by. My Maggie, I love you so very much! Happy first Christmas baby girl. Love, Mommy

Dear Kaleb,

What a year this has been! I just want to start off by saying how much I love you, and how glad I am that we’ve gotten to share in your life over this past year. Since you’ve come to stay with us I’ve become closer to you than any of my other nephews (or nieces), and I’m really loving that. I only hope that this might be a way to bring our family closer together in the coming years and make us stronger. You are such a special young man, I hope you know how much your Uncle Matt and I care for you. Although your personality is much different than his, you and Josiah have become like brothers and I really love seeing that. You have a very energetic personality, and just a charisma that I think will be fun to watch grow as you get older. You are definitely a leader, and when I think about you as an adult I always picture you in the spotlight. I hope as you get older you are given every chance to chase your dreams and grow to your full potential. I love you little man, and thank God that he let our family be a part of this time in your life. Love, Aunt Sheri


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  1. Wonderful pages, and the notes are very special gifts for all your children, temporary or not.