Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Photos 2010

A family friend took our photos the other Sunday afternoon.  Thankfully we were lucky enough to get a day without rain so we could capture these moments.  Loving my family right now! 

Katherine Grace, age ten

Josiah Benjamin, age seven

Our newest addition, little Maggie Elisabeth, age two months

And our spunky nephew Kaleb Smith, age eight

I love this close up of Matt and Josiah above.  Definitely an image I want to remember.

Thankfully we managed to get some good shots of the boys. Man is it hard to be serious when the camera is focused on you! Here is a silly one just for fun:

And some more shots of the kids that I really love:

And one more silly one of the boys for good measure:

Thanks to Wyndee Konopaski for taking the time to capture these moments with my family! : )

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